Dave Peoples

dirtydave3,Owner of Vigilante Records and founder of the Vigilante Cartel.

What is the Vigilante Cartel about?

Dave Peoples: The Vigilante Cartel is comprised of 7 different labels working

independently to accomplish one collective goal.

Which are these labels?

Vigilante Records, Infra Red, Professional Records, Phantom Records, NorthEnd

Productions, Ambient Grooves, Perception.

Birth of the Vigilante Cartel

The Cartel was formed in 1994 to help small independent label gather a focus. What I

mean by that is that all independent labels face the same problem. By being small it is

sometimes hard for distributors to get in contact with or information from the labels. The

Cartel eliminates those problems as well as shares the cost so as to lower each labels

operating costs. Our intentions are simple: help all the labels in the Cartel grow.

Can you define the sound and identity of the 7 Vigilante Cartel labels in few


I hate to classify music it should all fall into three category trash, OK, great. All the labels

do sound different but where to place them I could not tell you.

What is your relationship with other Detroit record labels?

The other labels are just the other labels, our arms are always open I don't think it's a two

way street but we have no problems with them at all. I want all those labels to prosper

their growth help all of us in the long run. Competition is good for everyone. It keeps you

on your toes. All our labels are completely independent, the Cartel has no control over

them but this makes us work together well with no one feeling tied down.

The future for the Cartel?

Hard work and continued growth.

This question is up to you.

I would like to say to anyone doing music, make music from the heart and not just tracks

to sell. Music is like the universe there's always unexplored regions.

Jean-Fran├žois Baum

November 1995

Quick facts

Name : Dave Peoples

Alias : Dirty Dave

Location : Detroit, MI

Labels appeared on : Vigilante, MakinMadd, Professional, Ambient Grooves