My name is Major Walker; the name that I go by when I’m behind a set of turntables or controllers is DJ Major.

I grew up down south where I listen to a lot of Delta blues, gospel and R&B; this was the norm for me growing up. The influence that these different styles of music had on me was molding me for journey I could not see yet.
I came to Detroit in 1975 where I was exposed to a different style of music Motown’s greatest sounds, where my love for music grew even stronger.
Let’s skip ahead, why did I want to become DJ? Two influences that come to mind is The Wizard (Jeff Mills) and Electrifying Mojo, I listen to these two disc jockeys all day long on radio and cassette tapes I made couldn’t get enough. In 1984 I bought my first set it turntables from RadioShack (WOW), for years I practice and tried to do everything that I heard or saw.

After developing my own set of skills over the years in 1992 I got serious about wanting to be a DJ. There were new influences on the radio by this time (Dj Fingers, Kim James, Wax tax n Dre etc.) just to name few. Hearing these guys on the radio I knew then that all my self-taught skills was not enough, so in 1999 I met DJ Source who became a great teacher and friend helping me to become excellent at what I do. I have also spun alongside some great DJs (DJ Infinity, DJ Vicious Vic, DJ J Ski, KOB etc.) just to name a few. I started my own company in 1994(somanywalkers productions llc) we deal in DJ services, sound engineering, PA systems and lighting. My other company (SMW studios) started in 2007 this is where I do all my music production (voice overs, commercials, Beats and Remixes etc.). I received in 2015 my bachelors in Music Production from Full Sail University; this is where I learn to listen to the music not just hearing it. Let me just leave you with this:
Music is life Music brings happiness Without music there is no movement DJs keep the world spinning and moving

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