Nate Krafft

Nate Killins a.k.a. Nate Krafft, born 01/19/69, Capricorn from Detroit, Michigan.

Birth into music at the age of 17, with a small battery powered portable Casio and

Yamaha. Major influences early Detroit techno and the whole underground dance


How did Nate Krafft get into electronic dance music?

Nate Killins: When I was 11 or 12, I used to watch a dance show in Detroit called the

"Scene" (78-80) and at that time it was the first experience hearing electronic beeps and

deep punchy kick drums from the likes of Kraftwerk and Soul Sonic Force and other

unknown techno pioneers. I was baptized!

Why did you create Infra Red?

One known factor for artist/individuals creating their own label is control and freedom. If

you're going to die, it is better to die standing than on your knees. In the beginning I tried

to jump on the back of bigger and more established labels (only a couple) only to find

what I consider a brainwash conspiracy to make me believe that my music, my grooves

would be unwanted by people of the world. Never the less I thought they were "full of

shit!". If other people don't benefit or if they're not getting the props they "don't give a


How did you hooked up with the Vigilante Cartel?

Actually, I met the "Cartel" twice. The first time it was through a friend from my job. He

heard some of my music from tape and said to me "You should meet my friend Dave

Peoples". The second time was when a close old friend of mine died, and that brought

about a gathering of more old acquaintances and friends. One coincidentally was a

musician. He would play his home recorded tapes and I'd play mine. When I played

mine, he said "Oh shit! Why are you sitting on your ass, you should be getting paid. I

know a guy you should meet" That guy was again Dave Peoples. Thereafter we finally

merged equipment and he showed me some tricks of how to plant my seeds so they

would blossom and bloom.

Why the Infra Red name?

Because if you ever seen an infra red beam on a gun, when applied (the beam) you cannot

miss your target bulls eye! And that's the purpose of Infra Red to be dead on target with


Musical influences?

My musical influence is a wide range back in the day, I was into Old Skool Hip Hop my

influence was a guy called Mantronik who later on produced dance oriented tracks. That

was when I was about 17 also then it was Juan Atkins/Cybotron, Arthur Baker who

produced Soul Sonic Force, Kraftwerk and Larry Heard who inspired something that I

was already striving towards. There are many, too many to name but it's basically all the

guys who were older than me definitely Jazz artists whose skill is impeccable.

How would you define your sound?

My sound is very imaginative, ultimate fantasies fulfilled my peak of invincibility and

last but not least original. I get inspired by things in life that I am in awe of… My music is

made for anyone daring enough to listen, for the open minded, for the challenging and


Nate Krafft's gear?

Nate Krafft uses old and new it doesn't matter what you have it's how you use it… a basic

rundown is Yamaha TX, Roland JW-50, 2 Juno 106, Roland R- 70 drum machine,

Roland R-8 drum machine, 2 Kawai K1 and a Apple Macintosh computer and sequencing

program, just to name a few.

Average time to write a track?

It takes me 1 to 5 hours depending on the mood the feel and the depth of the song.

Soul in the machines?

I would say that the soul is transferred from within to the machines; the machines don't

have life unless you give it to them.

Electro revival?

To me Electro has been raped and twisted; she's not the same, everybody trying to fuck

her without taking her on a date first. If I feel Electro I'll run it and if I don't "then fuck

it". I'm not trying to imitate or be like anybody. I wouldn't dare try to emulate a sound

like Kraftwerk or Juan Atkins. That shit is from inner soul, if you try to hard you'll fuck

up and the energy is not there, it's best to come from your own source.


My projects will be that of diverse creations, but I won't let anybody down. True, I started

out with techno, but my first experience musically was a house jazz progressive oriented

thing, I just put it on a backburner. That's a future project that will surface on another

label, perception. Perception is, and what I believe to be my biggest achievement, and it

also is my true musical face. Unlike Infra Red's hard techno edge, Perception deals with

house, jazz and progressive textures… My krem de la krem!

I'd like to keep a continuum on my music and dreams, and possibly venture in whatever

my mouth waters for.

This question is up to you?

Nate Krafft of Infra Red would like to say first of all to anybody with any kind of dream

or goal. Do that shit and fuck the doubters and skeptics. You gotta believe in yourself

because no one else will. Second, Infra Red will cast a beam across the globe for times to

come, so don't sleep because I haven't even started the arsenal.

The future of Infra Red?

Infra Red will be like a virus, better yet an epidemic, if I want it to.

Jean-Fran├žois Baum

October 1995

Quick facts

Name : Nate Killins

Alias : Nate Krafft, Naquil

Location : Detroit, MI

Labels appeared on : Infra Red, Perception

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